Poll Results: What Type of Domain Do You Have?

Last month, I asked what type of domain you have. Only twelve people voted, which seems rather small compared to some previous polls. Thinking about this, I realized a bit of a problem with the polling service I’ve been using: RSS readers generally don’t display JavaScript. I should probably use WP-Polls, or something of the sort, so the poll will show-up in the feed.

Now, moving-on to the poll results.

17% (2 votes) say they have a keyword-filled domain with a .com TLD (like Webmaster-Source.com).

17% (2 votes) say they have a short, brandable name like Yahoo.com.

17% (2 votes) say they have a Del.icio.us-style domain, making use of country-level TLDs and subdomains to end-up with an easy to remember domain.

17% (2 votes) say they have a misspelled domain, like Flickr.com.

25% (3 votes) say that they have a domain with an alternate TLD, like .net, .org, or .biz.