Evaluating the WordPress 2.5 Interface

WordPress 2.5’s new interface is quite a bit different from the current one. Currently, many WordPress users aren’t entirely sure what they think about it yet (myself included). I will have to use it for a few weeks until I’ve decided what I think.

Astheria has an in-depth review of the new WordPress 2.5 interface.

Overall, I think the new interface is a great improvement, but there are many things that leave me wondering if it’s had enough polish yet. I am sure the folks at both WordPress and Happy Cog will make the final release a great experience, and I am excited that they are having a period for feedback prior to that release.

There is some nice commentary and creative criticism in the full article, and I would say it’s worth reading. WordPress developers, I hope you’re paying attention! Especially to this part:

The most important screen in the whole application is also one of the most drastically changed. While I love some of the new additions, such as the permalink preview and tag path there are a lot of things here I find questionable.