WordPress Theme of the Month: Visionary 1.1

Visionary is this month’s highlighted WordPress theme.

The Visionary theme is yet another magazine-style theme. It’s lightweight, though perhaps a little too much so. Oh well, nothing a little CSS can’t fix. The theme is a great starting point for something better. You have, basically, a ready-made magazine framework without too much styling. You can go crazy and make it look the way you want. Put-in a logo, change the color scheme a bit, make it a bit more graphic-heavy if you prefer. Have fun with it.

Some of my favorite points include

  • The tabbed box in the sidebar (jQuery). With a little work, you could easily add/remove some of the tabs.
  • The grid-based “recent” section, along with the “featured” spot above it.
  • The wide left column. It’s a little too wide to my liking though. Of course, it would be possible to adujst it’s width.

There are plenty of things to tweak, and it’s a good theme for doing that.