AJAX Whois

AJAX WhoisI recently stumbled across AJAX Whois, which may have become my new favorite way to find domains and check WhoIs info. It’s fast, and it’s easy to use.

I’m serious when I say AJAX Whois is fast. Start typing in the form, and the web app searches as you type. By the time you’ve finished typing in a domain, the results are already there.

There are a couple of small features that really make the site easier to use. Number one is the favorites feature. If you find a domain that you want to remember while you’re searching other ones, you can just click the favorite button and it will be added to a space in the sidebar for easy access. The other feature is even simpler, yet you would really miss it if it wasn’t there; You don’t have to enter a TLD when searching. Many whois services require that you enter a TLD, even if you want to see results for multiple TLDs. Luckily AJAX Whois doesn’t follow that trend.

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