Login-Box Plugin for WordPress

Login-Box, by danillonunes, puts a hidden WordPress login in your template, which can be made visible by pressing Ctrl-E (or in some cases Alt-E). Not a bad idea.

I’ve found it much easier to do administrative tasks by putting a login link on Webmaster-Source’s navigation. However, this is kind of dumb, since my users have no use for it. I’m the only one who can register new users, so no one other than me can really login. (I started out allowing registrations, but the spammers decided it was funny to register 20+ accounts per day…) Maybe I should replace the login link with this plugin? Or I suppose I could just bookmark the wp-admin link for easy access… :D

Back to the plugin:

Login-Box has several configuration options. You can define

  • The way the login box looks
  • Which key combination opens and closes the dialog
  • Whether someone logging in should go to the Dashboard, or back to the page they came from.

I think this plugin would be useful for multi-author blogs, possibly, though for my purposes it’s overkill, I think.

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