Preview Theme Plugin

Working on a new theme for your blog? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could edit a theme, and preview the results, without activating it for all to see? Yes, you can do that.

You could do it the hard way, and install another copy of WordPress in another location (your local computer, a directory of your website, etc). Or you do it the easier way and use the Preview Theme Plugin for WordPress.

Preview Theme, when installed, allows you to view a theme by appending ?preview_theme=ThemeName to a page’s URL. So to view WSC’s index with the WordPress Classic theme, you could use this URL:

Cool, or what? Now you can work on your new theme, live on your blog, without letting anyone see it. and if you’re really paranoid about people not seeing the theme ( :D ), the plugin allows you to restrict the preview feature to certain user levels (e.g. Administrator) .

  • Marco

    Matt, I owe you one big time!

    That’s exactly what I need right now. Huge thanks!!!

  • Matt

    That will be $32.50. :D

    I’ve been using it myself lately. I’ve been testing some alternate theme ideas over the last few days, and I’ve found it useful. An offline mock-up will only get you so far…