Someone recently brought a new polling service to my attention. allows you to create polls in a wide array of styles. You can even create a poll without registering (something that too many sites don’t offer). The site seems to be fairly new, though it appears to be gaining a sizeable following.

  • Xooco Team

    Hello  Ernst-Jan

    time I read your blog and see that sometimes you mention utilities web that you
    find in Internet. 
    I send my web, since I am the creator of a new tool web called
    Basically a tool is:
    “Do you want to create a poll among your colleagues and to know that they
    think, with a forum to discuss the topic?
    Would you like to do a public poll in order that the internauts of the
    whole world vote for the best photo or the best
    This new free tool onLine is that Xooco proposes. With this tool you will
    be able to create a list of photos, videos, texts, etc. and you will send to the
    friends in order that this way they vote by the candidate that more they
    This utility us can be useful for those surveys that sometimes the people
    do not dare to say openly his opinion or to preserve his anonymity, for example
    to know the employee of the year of a company, which is the craziest common
    friend, etc.
    Xooco puts within reach of the whole world a utility that till now was
    only to the supply of newspapers and centers of opinion, to do surveys on what
    they believed suitably.
    Come on, we meet in ”
    you add it, I will be been grateful for you.
    Xooco Team