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Dowtime Yesterday

Webmaster-Source was down for about six and a half hours yesterday (along with Fantasy Folder and NTugo). No explanation from the host so far. Be sure to follow me on Twittter so you’ll know what’s going on if something like that happens again.

The Google Browser

They finally did it. After much rumor and speculation, Google has released their own web browser. Google Chrome, now available for Windows, and soon Mac and Linux, is designed to be the browser for the modern day, or something of the sort. It’s lightweight,…

WP125 in the Plugin Repository

Yay, it’s finally been approved! My WP125 plugin is now in the WordPress plugin repository. This means I will be able to more easily deliver updated versions to those of you who use the plugin. Once the judging for the WLTC plugin competition ends,…

Google to Buy Digg

It looks like Google might be about to buy Digg! The reported offer is reported as $200 million. Link 1, Link 2. I don’t mind, as long as they don’t Google-ify the already good-looking design, integrate Google Accounts with the site, and rename it…

WP 2.6 WTH: Where’s the Button?

Some n00b WordPress developer apparently thought it would be funny to remove the Image button in the WYSIWYG editor. Well it isn’t. Do you have any idea how often I insert images into my posts? Often enough I shouldn’t have to tab into HTML…

WordPress 2.6 Beta 1

The next version of WordPress has reached it’s first Beta version! If you like to experiment with the cutting edge, or if you want to know what will go into the release, head over here. Note that it is not recommended that you use…

Skip the Middleman: Monetizing Your Blog Without a Network

My guest post, Skip the Middleman: Monetizing Your Blog Without a Network, has went live over at Blogging Bits. Are you outgrowing AdSense? Looking to increase ad profit? Ditch the network and sell the ads directly to advertisers.


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MVH Media

My portfolio site is up at If you need a design, or some PHP coding done, be sure to take a look.

PR 6!

I just found out that WSC’s PageRank is up to six now. Cool. I hadn’t checked it in a month or two, since I’m not obsessed about PageRank like some bloggers.