Twitter Status Design has put together a nice collection of interestingly designed Twitter status displays from various blogs.

Showcase: Twitter status design

There are some really good ones in there, though it’s not a definitive list. I’ve seen some really cool Twitter status displays, though I never thought to compile a list. I can’t even remember that really cool one I found through Design Float… (It was a word bubble coming from the blog name, that’s all I have to go off. :D )

If the showcase inspires you to put your Tweets in your blog template, here are a couple methods you can use to display the updates:

  • John Lampard

    Cool selection… the Built By Buffalo wood grain, and Indie Dude status widgets are my favs :)

  • Matt

    @John There are a lot  of good ones there, I agree. Built By Buffalo is my favorite (part of why I put screenshot of it in my post here), but there are a few others I like a lot as well.