Scheduled Post Shift Plugin

Have you ever wished you could have your oldest posts continually pushed back to the top of the stack, in order to highlight old articles from your archives? It’s not something I would do myself, but apparently there are some who would. has a post on how to do just that, and an example scenario of why you would want to.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of mucking around with the time stamps like that, it’s…odd. What I would do instead, is have a section in my template that would pull older posts and display them. Maybe five random linked headlines that are older than 6 months? With the $wpdb class, you can work some WordPress magic and do whatever you want.

Though, as I said earlier, there are probably some people who would want to do what the plugin makes possible.

  • John W. Furst

    Hi!I have a different question that’s not too far off-topic? Let us say I write a new post in WordPress, I set the timestamp to a future date, and I have the blog setup that future posts don’t get displayed anyway until it’s time.What about sending pingbacks/trackbacks to other sites and ping technorati, feedburner, etc. in that scenario. Is there a way (a plugin or setting) that allows this to happen automatically once the posts get finally displayed.(This seems to be more useful to me rather than playing with timestamps of old posts.)YoursJohn

  • Matt

    @John, WordPress should, by default, do that. When it’s finally published, it should send any track/pingbacks, as well as ping Technorati, Google Blog Search, etc. I handle my posts in a similar way, and pingbacks are working, and Technorati is keeping up with my posts.