Web Designers on Twitter (Plus Links)

You may have already heard about this post, it’s been all over the web the past week. (I think I already linked to it in a BlogBuzz entry too possibly.) Digital Labz has put together a roundup of web designers’ Twitter profiles, making it easy for you to go through the list and find some new people to follow on Twitter.

100 Web Designers to follow on Twitter

I’d already heard of many of the people on the list, though I wasn’t aware they had Twitter accounts. I spent about an hour going through the list and adding designers to my “follow” list. Collis Ta’eed, Jonathan Snook, Michael Martin, and David Airey are among the hundred in the roundup.

If you use Twitter at all, or if you’re just getting started with Twitter, this post is worth a look. And I’m not just saying that because I’m number eleven on the list. :D

Now, I can’t just give you a link to a post that you may or may not have read, can I? Here are a few other Twitter-related links to keep you busy: