Three Downloadable Twitter Bird Images

Twitter, it’s everywhere. Many bloggers add “follow me” links or “latest tweets” boxes to their blogs. And if you’re going to do that, why not add a Twitter bird nearby? It visually shows “this is related to Twitter,” and it draws the eye to it a little.

Here are a few free Twitter bird images to download and use as you will.

Productive Dreams

Vector Art

Function Web Design

If you have any more to add, feel free to share a link in the comments. It’s amazingly hard to find good downloadable Twitter bird images.

  • nhoss2

    lol whats up with the first one? here is one that a lot of people use, i couldnt find the original but i looked it up in picsearch and here is the image: 

    EDIT: for some reason its not showing the picture.. here is the link by the way..

  • Haruyoshi

    Such lovely twitter birds, love them!

  • Matt

    @nhoss2, I like that Twitter bird image a lot, but I couldn’t find the original either…

    If anyone else knows where it comes from, please share the link.

  • James

    @nhoss2, that bird is the Twitterrific one:

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  • Michael Martin

    Cool finds Matt. I’ve been collecting together Twitter icons for a while now, and there really are so few of them. :(I hadn’t seen that first one before though! It looks great :D

  • Matt

    Michael, You don’t happen to know where to find a PSD of the icon nhoss2 linked to, do you? I’ve seen it all over the internet, and the Twitterific logo looks very similar as James pointed out.

  • Joel Drapper

    Wow! That first one is GREAT! Thank you so much. I am sure they will be very helpful.

  • Armen Shirvanian

    These images are quite friendly-looking.  If I would want to use an image to representer Twitter usage, I would probably head back here as these are entertaining.  That first bird has eyes that are the size of half of its head space.  The third one looks like it would be fun to run around with on a section of grass.