WP Greet Box

Have you ever opened up your website stats application, Google Analytics for example, and looked at the “referring sites” section? There you are shown the websites that people come from to visit your site the most.

Now wouldn’t it be useful if you could detect where a user is coming from when they visit your WordPress blog, and display a customized message to them? Perhaps a reminder to subscribe to your RSS feed, or to Stumble your post.

WP Greet Box does just that. After dropping the plugin into your /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activating it, you just have to add a <?php wp_greet_box() ?> template tag where you want the messages to appear in your theme.

Without any configuration, the plugin will display messages when a user visits your site through Google, Digg, Del.icio.us, Twitter, StumbleUpon, or one of a few other sites. Of course, you’ll want to personalize the messages to fit your site better and add new messages for other frequent referrers.

You can enter a website, an icon URL, and set a message to be displayed. HTML is enabled in the message field, so the possbilities are only limited by your creativity. You could put a Digg count widget up when users visit via Digg. Or you could paste in an autoplay YouTube video and RickRoll any Digg users who visit. :D

There is also a “Visitor Timeout” setting which, on a message by message basis, allows you to define how often (in minutes) a single users will see the message.

This is a neat plugin, and one that seems pretty useful. It’s definitely worth a look. It may help you get more mileage out of social media sites, or maybe convert some more search engine users into subscribers.

  • http://omninoggin.com Thaya Kareeson

    Hi Matt.  Thank you for reviewing my plugin.  I never thought about RickRolling people with my plugin, but now I have the urge :).  You ARE full of good ideas.

  • http://www.webmaster-source.com Matt

    I may use your plugin here in the future, after I finish up my redesign, which is cleaner and may have the space for such as feature. I haven’t decided yet though.

    So… Who are you going to RickRoll? :D

  • nhoss2

    hey matt, you got any ideas on when your going to release the new design? i just cant wait :D

  • http://www.webmaster-source.com Matt

    Either by the end of the month, or sometime in early December. I have it near finished overall, but I’m still working out some things.

    One major challenge involves some changes I’m making to my category/tag taxonomy…

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  • http://www.probook.ca/ Canadian American

    I would like to learn how to get this working as a standalone php script

  • Mike Hudson

    Hello Matt,

    I have a problem with this plugin.I installed this plugin but i cannot see on my site. i installed this and i can see the options and which is mentioned here http://wordpress.org/extend/pl.....reenshots/

    Please guide me and let me know the process kindly email me the solutions

    Mike Hudson