Magpie: A Potentially Bad Way to Monetize Twitter

I had a feeling it wouldn’t be too long until people starting looking for ways to make money off Twitter. Over the past few weeks I’ve watched Magpie spread through the Twitterverse, and seen users’ response to it.

They don’t like it.

The general idea behind Magpie is similar to that of Pay Per Post. You sign up, and set a post frequency. Then Magpie will add a paid tweet every x (the post frequency you set) tweets. The only disclosure is a “#magpie” hashtag at the start.

I find the idea interesting, but I’m not about to foist it on my followers, since at least 90% of them wouldn’t like it, and I’m not a huge fan of receiving the paid tweets myself. :)

I asked, around November 11 or so, my followers what their opinions were, and their responses were overwhelmingly against.

I’m guessing Magpie will either fail from disuse when people’s follower counts take a hit from using it (and they reconsider using the service), or Twitter will get fed up and make an addendum to the Terms of Service. I have to commend them for their nice design though.