Is StumbleUpon Bringing You More Traffic Than Usual?

StumbleUpon is usually my top referrer, but lately it’s been sending a lot more traffic than usual. My stats are higher than ever, and one post in particular is responsible.

If you’ve been reading Webmaster-Source since August of 2007, you may remember an article I wrote called Don’t Block Firefox. I wrote it quickly and got it out the door early, and because it was timely and controversial, I ended up with great results. (In retrospect, I probably could have done a better article, and been a little less sarcastic, but what’s done is done.) If I remember correctly, I wrote the post before lunch, and came back to see the traffic pouring in (because I was testing pMetrics at the time, and playing with the Spy tool). By the end of the day I had some impressive results.

The traffic from the first day was amazing, but the best part was it never went away completely. Over time it’s decreased, but I always had a steady stream of hits on that post since.

Lately, though, the post seems to have had a resurgence in popularity. 52% of my traffic currently is going to Don’t Block Firefox. My traffic is up, higher than it’s ever been, and that one post is the one bringing in the new visitors.

Why is this happening, though? Did StumbleUpon change their algorithm recently, and start favoring “classic” submissions, or has the post just been discovered again by the Stumblers? Other posts on StumbleUpon seem to be up a little, but nothing so dramatic.

Have you noticed an increase in traffic from StumbleUpon lately?

  • Rabindra Lamsal

    Yes, I also noticed the same thing. Today I opened my blog and saw that one post was having 523 visits form stumbleupon. The posts is “Twitter app that syncs with windows” >> … I posted that post yesterday. And now I saw a dramatic change in my blog’s traffic.