Tweet Later: Schedule Twitter Postings For the Future

Have you ever wanted to say something on Twitter, but not right at that moment? Maybe you wanted to wish your followers a happy new year right at midnight, for an obvious example.

Tweet Later allows you to do just that. After you tie at least one Twitter account to the service, you can create an infinite number of messages to be posted at a later date. Want to put your business Twitter on autopilot while you’re out of town? No problem.


The service does more than tweet scheduling, as an added bonus. It can auto-follow new followers, send new followers welcome messages, send you email digests of @replies, and track tweets with certain keywords. “Twitter Toolbox” would be a more accurate name.

While not everyone needs to schedule tweets, some people certainly have reason to, and Tweet Later would be a valuable asset to them.

  • TheFrosty

    I used a service like this before, just not this site.. It was funny, cause I forget I pre-tweeted..

  • bigfan

    Yeah it's a cool service.
    To schedule your facebook updates you can use
    That's a cool website 2