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BuySellAds, an exemplary ad marketplace that I joined a few weeks ago, has just come out of private beta. You can now join the ad network and sell banner space without having to be approved into their closed beta program like before. So if you’re looking to monetize your website effectively, without alienating your users, now is the time to sign up and try out BSA.

Webmaster-Source on BuySellAds

BuySellAds makes it easy to sell banner ads of all sizes on your website. They make it easy for advertisers to find you, and they handle all the dirty work that cuts into the time that would be better spent working on your site. Your ads appear in a directory alongside noteables like NETTUTS, PSDTUTS, CSS Elite, and of course, Webmaster-Source.

Advertisers can just click an “add to cart” button for each ad purchase they wish to make, then set their link URLs and upload ad creatives. Their payments are logged in your account and the ads are sent to your for review (if you so choose).

It’s so much easier than selling ads manually. No back-and-forth through email, no worrying about whether the advertiser will actually pay. It’s all quick and automated.

When you’ve accumulated a sizeable portion of money, you simply request a payout and wait for the check or PayPal transation. There is no minimum payout threshold. You can request your money whenever it pleases you.

You have plenty of flexibility when you create an ad zone. Pricing is entirely up to you, and you can set whatever you want for the banner dimensions, though it’s recommended that you use common sizes. By tweaking the “Number of Banners” and “MAX Number of Banners” fields you can easily make your ads display as a rotation, a block of rotating ads, fixed slots, whatever you want.

New Zone - BuySellAds

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with BuySellAds so far. Their support has been spectacular, and their service works well. BSA managed to sell an ad for me before I even put the ad zone code up on Webmaster-Source, and then another later that day. I was quite amazed at that.

BuySellAds is the first of a new breed of ad network. They put more control in the publishers hands, and don’t allow Flash, thus avoiding the sorts of irritants that many networks put web viewers through. They make it easier for publishers to ink deals with advertisers, they keep the bad ads out, and they pay well. Their 25% cut seems a little steep at first, but seeing as you can set your own price, and as the service works well for me, I don’t really mind it.

  • Sumesh

    "…and of course, Webmaster-Source."

    Lol ;)

    But fun aside, I think BSA has great potential to bring clean ads to blogs which could otherwise not be monetized.

    • redwall_hp

      Of course Webmaster-Source. The ad spots here are a very good value, hint hint. ;)

  • Steven Snell

    I've had nothing but positive experiences with BuySellAds. Their customer service is excellent.

    • redwall_hp

      Very excellent. They manually imported some of my existing ads for me, something that they don't usually do, and as I mentioned in the article, they managed to sell an ad before I even had the code up.

  • todd g

    thanks for the post Matt! Psyched to see positive comments too, thanks everyone!