Giveaway: Win 1,000 Business Cards From UPrinting

UPrinting LogoReaders of Webmaster-Source, listen up! UPrinting, a cheap business card printing company that I’ve found to be of good quality, has offered to give 1,000 business cards each to two people from our community.

Two winners will be chosen at random from those who comment before the deadline of March 15. (Midnight, EST.)

How to Enter

  • Leave a comment on this post, from the form at the bottom, telling us why you want the business cards, and what you will use them for. Will you promote your website by tacking them up on bulletin boards? Will you carry them around with you at a convention or conference?
  • Be sure to leave a valid email address so we can contact you and see that you receive the business cards.
  • Optionally move to the United States or Canada if you don’t already live there. UPrinting will charge a shipping fee if you reside outside of either country. :)

The two winners will receive a thousand business cards apiece, printed on any of the available paper stocks. The winners will be chosen randomly and the winners notified by March 16th.

I’ve used UPrinting before, and they do great business cards. The colors were good, and the stock was of good quality. They were quick about making the cards up and sending them too.

So, what would you do with 1,000 business cards? Tell us, and you just might be able to carry out your plans…

Edit: And the winners are…

I assigned each entrant a number, based on the order of the comments, and used to pick the winners. Congratulations to


    Why anyone will not want to get free business card. Thats the reason I m interested to get thousand Free Business cards. I m from India and run a financial website mainly for Indian market.

    I would love to distribute that on some meeting and on some business place, if quality and service will be good will add further orders to company :)


    • Nick Wichman

      I would love to be considered for some sweet cards. Yeah! I love the site, by the way!

      @nickwichman – Graphic Designer in Chicago

      • TradingIdeas

        thanks !! for good words :) and we all are here for that sweet cards :) Lets see who is going to be winner.. ;)

  • Steven Clark

    I'm a fine art photographer and a web designer currently working toward an MBA. My old business cards are out of date but I still hand them around because I don't have better ones at present.

    I would use the business cards to pass out at gallery events and to attach to stationary that I send out (letters, etc).


    I would love to have them..Will be helpful while I introduce my blog to others.With a business card it would look more professional.
    And I have lot of projects to come shortly, so, if I am satisfied with the free cards, I will surly order again and recommend them to otheres..

  • Nate

    I could use business cards. I'm trying to start a comic site and I need a bit of a kickstart to get my blog some decent traffic. I can't think of a better way to do that then to leave tons of business cards in my wake.

  • Gil C. Schmidt

    I'm a grantwriter selling my services as The Grant Planner. My clients are government agencies, businesses and NPOs. I always wear a fedora, so part of my business card-based marketing is to tuck one into my hatband (think of the "press" card old-school reporters used) and to tape my card to birthday hats which I hand out on "my birthday." (Disclosure: I seem to have a "birthday" every two weeks or so.) If I meet someone whose birthday is actually that day, I hand him/her discount coupons for local businesses (restaurants, spas, auto services) that also have my business card taped on. I look to make my marketing presence a mixture of fun and networking support and I look forward to improving it with 1,000 new cards in the coming months.

  • Stephen Tiano

    I'd use the new business cards as part of my rebranding as a freelance book designer/layout artist. My website and blog are currently being redesigned. I've already used the look on my Twitter profile page. Next up is a business card and my stationery. This will unify the whole identity package.

  • Blaine Moore

    I'd use the business cards as a way to promote my coaching and marathon programs. I'd have the normal contact info on one side and a free report offer on the back side w/a space to enter special promotions for when I hand somebody the card.

  • Eric Montgomery

    I would use 1,000 business cards to help promote our community technology center idea to our community, which in turn would help us to better serve those in need.

    Being a non-profit organization, is tough when funding is tight for all. This is a great thing that you are doing!

  • Michael Dunlop


    Great contest mate! I go to a few meetups and seminars and I got some really poorly designed cards printed up and was rather embarrassed to give them out which is silly for such a successful website, so hopefully some new cards will help get the word out that young entrepreneurs can make a lot of money online!



  • redwall_hp

    This may seem like a silly question, but do you wish to be entered in the contest, or are you just leaving a comment? :)

  • Michael Dunlop

    Saw you tweet and thought I would come along to check whats going on :) I doubt I will win, I just wanted to leave my thoughts :)

  • TradingIdeas

    Hi Matt :) Great that this contest closed and you will announce winner soon :) But please please… please declare winner list here also… So all members of this community came to know abt that :)


    • redwall_hp

      I plan to do that. I just have to assign each commenter a number and then run a random number generator.

  • Heidi

    Well, I would love to have business cards simply to get the word out in the community and beyond about our new mentoring and empowering program. Helping Hands is mentors walking beside Ypsilanti, MI 8th graders that are struggling until they graduate from high school. Free business cards will help this all volunteer run nonprofit limit marketing expenses and ultimately help to truly expose these youth to new experiences, allow them to see life through eyes that believe in themselves, and finally simply supply information to build our reputation.

  • Heidi

    Thanks for considering Helping Hands!!!

  • Blaine Moore

    Finally got my order, thanks again!

    I had the cards mostly set, but sent the files to my designer for some input and he went to town and made them that much better – but I forgot to ask for the original files until after he went on vacation. Whoops!

    Took me until late April to finally submit my order, so the cards didn't come until yesterday. They look fantastic, and wow is 1000 business cards a lot! I've never ordered that many at once before.

    Here's a photo »

    Thanks again!

    • redwall_hp

      Glad you like them. Hopefully you won't run out. :)