Twounter: Display Your Twitter Follower Count in Plan Text

For the Twitter-obsessed who want to display their follower count on their blogs, ThemeSphere has put together a WordPress plugin that will get it in plain text.

Installing the plugin gives you access to a function and a shortcode that will return the follower count for a user you specify.

Example: <?php echo twounter('redwall_hp'); ?>

You could use this to simply display your Twitter follower count, or you could use it for something more interesting, like displaying the follower count for each user in a multi-author blog. If you look around at sites like Net.Tuts+ and Blogging Tips, they often have brief bios after posts, complete with a Gravatar and link to the author’s site. Why not add a follower count to the mix?

  • Mohsin

    Thanks for the mention Matt. :)

  • Erick

    It is also possible in VbScript (could use it in your ASP page). This tutorial shows how to get a list of your followers:

    Could easily be reconfigured to show a total of followers, or whatever you would like.

  • Mobile Themes World

    Thanks for providing this