Twitter Launching “Verified Accounts” This Summer

After a recent lawsuit between over a case of somebody posting fake tweets in a public figure’s name, Twitter has decided to implement a method of account verification. The feature, which will be released experimentally this summer, will take the form of a “verified account” seal displayed on accounts that are authenticated in some manner.

Details of what the verification process entails are undisclosed at this time, though Mashable has speculated:

As to how actual verification will work, it seems that Twitter will look to see if an official channel of the person in question links to his or her Twitter account from a place like an official website. This is a perfectly logical way to verify accounts, in our opinion. Details are scarce on the full plan, though.

This seems like a good idea, as people such as celebrities, politicians, and businesses are increasingly subject to whatever adverse effects come from impersonators on Twitter.

  • Sumesh

    This is a logical step – very often, we see fakesters trying to go around as celebrities etc. Verification could be paid and be a very good source of revenue for Twitter.

    The only bad thing is that we will no longer have cnnbrk style accounts being made by individuals and then taken over by corporates for thousands of dollars :(