Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms

There has been a lot of talk about a new WordPress plugin called Gravity Forms lately. It’s one of the first major premium WordPress plugins, costing $39 for a single-site license and $99 for multi-site.

What does it do? It’s a bit like the ever-popular cForms plugin, but with a lot more polish, and plenty more features. The interface is a breeze to use, letting you create new forms with ease. You just click a button to add a new form field, then you can adjust it live in the form preview.

Gravity Forms Editor

You can try a demo of the backend here, though some features (such as saving) are disabled for security reasons.

It has a few unique features, such as form submissions being dumped into the database by default, with a convenient admin menu for reading and managing them. This would work well for a support form or survey, as you can read the postings right from within WordPress. It also offers the ability to create a form that would allow users to create new posts on a blog with your form.

Other nice additions like reCAPTCHA support and some hooks for other plugin developers to tie into are included as well.

Gravity Forms seems like a good plugin, though I haven’t purchased a copy myself. It’s nice to see a serious attempt at a large-scale premium plugin. I’ve been making plans to go in a similar direction myself in the future, though I won’t go into the details here. ;)

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