WordPress 2.7 Favorites Menu Manager Plugin

I would like to formally announce my latest WordPress plugin today. Behold Favorites Menu Manager.

When WordPress 2.7 launched, a small menu was added to the upper-right corner of the Admin. This menu was referred to as a Favorite Actions menu.

The menu, by default, doesn’t offer the user any customization options. It just contains links to Admin pages that are used often, or ones that most people use often. Shouldn’t it contain the links that you use most?

That’s where Favorites Menu Manager comes in. The plugin adds a new submenu under the Users section of the Administration, allowing each user of a WordPress install to customize his or her Favorite Actions menu. New items can be added easily, little-used ones removed. Items can be reordered and renamed as well. A handy Bookmark This item is added to the menu to make it easier to add items to the list. (Just navigate to the page you want, click, and then edit the name of the link.)

Finally, the Favorite Actions menu can actually contain your favorite actions.

Download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

  • http://clarksonblog.com Clarkson

    Nicely done, definitely something WordPress is lacking out of the box.