Facebook Lite: Faster, Less Annoying

What annoys you the most about Facebook? Probably the sea of Mafia Wars notifications, quiz solicitations and other application-related things. What started out as an interesting idea has taken over the popular social networking site.

There is a fix for you, fortunately. (If you live in the United States, as the not-quite-finished feature isn’t available in other countries yet.) The new Facebook Lite was just made available to residents of the U.S., bringing with it relief to those who only want to use Facebook for it’s core purpose.

Facebook Lite

When you access lite.facebook.com, you get Facebook, but without all the extra stuff. There are no applications, there is no chat, and notifications don’t seem to be present. There are less images and JavaScript, and pages load faster than you can imagine.

You lose some functionality, such as chat and the ability to filter your news feed by category, but depending on how you use Facebook, it might be worth the cost.

Facebook Lite takes away everything that isn’t essential to its core purpose: social networking.