Design Spotlight: Envato Marketplace Redesign

Envato launched the redesigns for their marketplace sites last Sunday. They all look pretty much the same, save for some color and logo differences, so I’ll just focus on ThemeForest here.

ThemeForest Redesign

The new design looks a bit more polished and modern, and seems to be a little wider too. It also has a lot of neat touches. Some of my favorites include the ability to change the “view” of a list page between a flat list and a grid setting, the expanding search box that lets you narrow down search criteria, and the “site switcher” that lets you toggle between marketplace sites.

Envato Marketplace Site Switcher

Envato Marketplace Site Switcher

Oh, and those page headings? They’re rendered in MgOpen Modata using HTML5 Canvases with Cufon.

Go and have a look for yourself. The Envato redesigns are very well-crafted, and definitely worth looking at. (And be sure to have a look at some of their products while you’re there?)