Design Spotlight: Usability Post

Usability Post has undergone its first major redesign. The new theme looks good, having a somewhat more unique look than the old one.

The design feels nice and open, and is very clean overall. I can’t find much wrong with it from a usability standpoint. It has a nice style, but it’s still simple. I like that in a design.

The navigation along the top is good, the link lists in the sidebar have been done well, following several design theories that the author has previously discussed.

The one major addition I would recommend would be Gravatar support. I think there’s room to fit a small avatar under the names and comment dates.

My favorite parts, stylistically are all in the top-right corner.

I like the serrated edge and page curl, I like the RSS subscription bubble, and I’m always a sucker for Apple-style search boxes. :)

Overall, I like the new design. Keep up the good work, Dmitry.