is the Top URL Shortener

According to Mashable, is the most-used URL shortener, having passed up the aging TinyURL in terms of traffic. But didn’t we already know that? They’re the default shortener for Twitter, they’re the least likely to close their doors (for reasons of funding and long-term plans), and people just seem to like them.

Traffic: vs TinyURL

More interestingly, the Mashable posting covers the rankings and traffic stats for the other four top shorteners.

The top two are and TinyURL, with coming in third with roughly one sixth of’s traffic. and are a distant fourth and fifth, respectively, with less U.S. visitors between themselves than

  • Bill B

    Yeah, it’s common sense! Plus you hear that the most RT’d URL shortener is…. again, common sense. People think there is something in the name that causes it….ummm, no.