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How to Secure Your WordPress Installation

Digging into WordPress has recently published a new article on securing WordPress. It covers setting up optimal database privileges, adjustments you can make to your wp-config.php file, changing the table prefix, changing the default admin username, and a couple other things.

Of course, when it comes to the security of your WordPress site, these techniques are merely the beginning. As you continue in your WordPress travels, you will discover many, many more ways to increase the security of your site. By implementing the methods presented in this article during the setup process, you will be strengthening the security of your site’s foundation, providing yourself a solid platform on which to build.

Definitely worth a read if you haven’t already looked into the techniques.

How to Secure Your New WordPress Installation [Digging into WordPress]

CSS white-space Property

Here’s an interesting and little-mentioned CSS property: white-space. With it you can prevent an element’s contents from line wrapping, create pre text, even pre text that wraps when necessary. The syntax is like this: The above example is fairly self-exaplanatory; it prevents the text…

WordPress Theme of the Month: Glassical

This month’s featured WordPress theme is Glassical, once again brought to you by Smashing Magazine.

BlogBuzz November 14, 2009

WP Plugins: The WordPress App Store

Collis Ta’eed, of Envato fame, posted an interesting link to Twitter recently. A new website called WP Plugins that is trying to be “The WordPress App Store.” What exactly are they doing? They’ve set up a site reminiscent of the plugin repository, but…

ThickBox Development Ends

The versatile jQuery “lightbox” script known as ThickBox is no longer being maintained, as of September 30th. This is unfortunate, as it was my favorite jQuery plugin for the purposes it was meant to serve, and it has been used by a lot of…

Subversion Picked Up by the Apache Software Foundation

The popular version control software Subversion (or SVN) is moving to the Apache Software Foundation. While Subversion is undergoing incubation at the ASF, CollabNet will continue to host the project at In addition, third party-certified binaries of the software configuration management system will…

MacStories Interviews Tweetie Developer Loren Brichter

MacStories has published a quick interview with Loren Brichter, the developer of the popular Tweetie client for accessing Twitter from your iPhone or Macintosh desktop. Apple just announced the In-App purchasing system available for free apps as well. Your thoughts about it? It’s fantastic.…

The Brads: A Web Comic About Web Design

The Brads is a weekly web comic about Brad Colbow and Brad Dielman, two web designers in Cleveland Ohio. I’ve been following it for a few months now, and it’s pretty good. The site’s design looks great–er, wait–this isn’t a Design Spotlight post… The…

BlogBuzz November 7, 2009