Yearly Archives: 2009 No, We’re Not Closing After All…

Remember all the hoopla about closing down their service? Well, they changed their mind.

We have restored, and re-opened its website. We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the popular response, and the countless public and private appeals I have received to keep alive.

We have answered those pleas. Nambu will keep operating going forward, indefinitely, while we continue to consider our options in regards to’s future.

They still want to sell, but they’re not shutting everything down as they had initially intended. (As @atomicpoet put it: “Seriously, can’t these guys even commit to the cause of quitting?”) still claims that the reason that they want to get out of the “URL shortening business” is that Twitter has stacked the deck against them.

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Poll: What Are Your Favorite URL Shorteners?

If you use Twitter, you probably use URL shortening services every day. If not, you probably still find a use for one now and then. You may shorten a long address down so you can read it over the phone (or in a podcast),… URL Shortening Service to Shut Down

Nambu Networks has announced that they will be shutting down their URL shortener. New links are no longer being created, and existing short URLs will cease to function on December 31, 2009. Regretfully, we here at Nambu have decided to shutdown, the…

BlogBuzz August 8, 2009

Add a Mobile Stylesheet to Your Site

Don’t want to go all-out with a separate mobile mini-site, but you still want your site to be accessible on phones and PDAs? You can just add a new stylesheet intended only for mobile browsers, in which you can reformat the page to render…

Design Spotlight: Pro Blog Design (Again)

I’ve reviewed Pro Blog Design‘s theme at least once before, probably twice. Now that Michael Martin’s design blog is entering its third year, it has received yet another redesign.

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On August 3, PayPal had a major outage that brought their service offline for an extended period. The systems were down globally for an hour, and it took an additional three-and-a-half hours to bring everything back up to full capacity. What does a 4.5-hour…

Using isset() Instead of strlen() in PHP

I found something interesting in an old Smashing Magazine article. The author describes a slightly faster alternative to the strlen() function in PHP, which is used to determine the length of a string variable. An interesting fact about PHP is that a string is…

Design Spotlight: The New Twitter Homepage

Last Tuesday Twitter unveiled their redesign of their homepage. The change is intended to help remedy peoples’ inability to grasp the concept of Twitter, putting trending topics and a search field front-and-center. Instead of promoting to new users the ability to say what they’re…

BlogBuzz August 1, 2009