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Twitter Security Goof: “Password” isn’t a Good Password

TechCrunch is reporting that the admin panel for Twitter Search was compromised recently. How? The password for it was “Password.”

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, responding to our email, said “this bug allowed access to the search product interface only. No personally identifiable user information is accessible on that site.”

Included in the Search admin are the Trending Topics settings, and the tool used to remove individual statuses from search results in some cases.

What were they thinking?

This raises the important question: How secure is Twitter, or any other web service? How do we know that they’re even hashing our passwords to protect them if the database was compromised?

BlogBuzz July 18, 2009

WordPress Theme of the Month: Doc

This month’s featured WordPress theme is Doc. [Preview] Doc is a minimal one-column theme, about as minimal as you can get. Lots of whitespace, and absolutely no imagery. It’s all typography. The theme is meant to put your content front and center, with as…

Combining RSS and Twitter Subscriber Counts

If you’ve been to Mac AppStorm recently, you may have noticed that their new subscriber count box doesn’t just list the FeedBurner circulation. It seems to be a sum of the FeedBurner subscribers and the AppStorm Twitter account’s followers. An interesting idea, isn’t it?…

Scheduling WordPress Hooks With WP_Cron

If you do much in the way of WordPress plugin development, whether you’re doing plugins, themes, or just customizing your own sites, you may have come across a scenario where you wanted to have a function fire every so often. WordPress has a system,…

Turnkey Linux

Turnkey Linux is an interesting open source project I happened across fairly recently. They have several different specialized Ubuntu-based Linux distros tuned specifically to run certain scripts. The slim OSes run around 150MB in size, and have just the right packages installed for a…

ThemeForest Goes GPL For it’s WordPress Themes

Envato’s ThemeForest marketplace will now be licensing the PHP portions of their WordPress themes under the GPL. To better respect the spirit of WordPress, beginning August 4th, all WP templates on ThemeForest will be sold with two licenses. The first is the GPL, in…

Design Spotlight: Tumblr

Tumblr redesigned their website sometime in the last few months or so. The new design is very simple, with a few nice touches.

BlogBuzz July 11, 2009

Would You Pay For Support?

Suppose a major WordPress plugin, such as WP Super Cache, All in One SEO pack or insert-name-of-your-favorite-plugin, decided to go the paid support route, would you pay? If they offered the plugin for free, but sold an optional package with some extras as well…