Like it? Tweet it! A JavaScript TweetMeme Alternative

“Like it? Tweet it!” is a new JavaScript widget by Andy Graulund that, using Twitter @Anywhere, provides an easy way to display a box for people to tweet about your posts. It automatically loads a shortened URL and let’s you write a message to go along with it.

It provides more customization options than the alternatives, namely TweetMeme. You can use any link as a trigger for the overlay, and it’s possible to re-style the box. You can also change much of the text used, and set which short URL is placed in the tweet.

The only drawback is that users have to connect their account with the application. It only has to be once, and the user can then use any Like it? Tweet it! box around the internet. This is something that has been bothering me about the Twitter @Anywhere platform. Why should a basic tweet box or follow button widget require the authorization process, while the follow buttons in hovercards don’t? Why can’t they use the user’s Twitter login cookie like the hovercards do?

  • Roezer

    I like the button but it uses jquery and sometimes that can be a problem I have heard.

    • Matt

      I don’t know why it would, jQuery is an excellent framework used by many large websites. The only problem with it I know of is that it can conflict with the Prototype framework if you are using that.

  • Roezer

    Might give it a try then thanks matt.I was looking for an alternative to Tweetme and Topsy maybe this could be a good choice for one of my other sites.There was a WordPress theme iBlog this would look great on it.