Integrate Twitter @Anywhere into Your WordPress Comments

You may have noticed that, a few weeks ago, I added a new field to the comment form here on Webmaster-Source. A new “Twitter ID” field lets you input your Twitter username so it can be displayed next to the name you enter, complete with hovercards from Twitter @Anywhere.

I shared the code I had thrown together with Ben Gillbanks of BinaryMoon, who now has an easy to follow tutorial available on his site. Ben cleaned the code up a bit and made some enhancements, such as some sanitization and a cookie to make the form field remember the user’s input.

If you want to add some additional social media integration to your blog, be sure to give the tutorial a look.

How to Integrate Twitters @Anywhere with your WordPress Comments [BinaryMoon]

  • Ben

    Hey Matt – Thanks for the mention, and thanks again for sending me the code in the first place :)

    • Matt

      Let’s see…my code got cleaned up a bit, and I didn’t have to write-up a full tutorial myself. How is that not win/win? :)