No Support Linux Hosting

We ignore the support questions and pass the savings on to you. Not lazy. Efficient.

That’s the slogan for No Support Linux Hosting, a company providing ridiculously cheap web hosting. You pay $1 per month for shared hosting with 1GB of disk space, a 10GB transfer caps, 3 MySQL databases, cPanel and 25 email accounts. Just one dollar.

It seems like a great deal for small websites or, as they suggest, someone looking to resell to clients. You pay $1 monthly to host a client’s website, charge them a few dollars, and handle the support yourself.

The billing system is interesting as well. You pre-pay a certain number of credits through PayPal, and No Support Linux Hosting dips into your pool of credits as necessary. The initial registration is free, as you don’t need to pay for anything until you actually start using the service.

$12/year for hosting is a pretty good deal. Couple it with $8.99 or so for a domain from your registrar of choice, and you can launch a website on a very tight budget.

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    Great host if you don;t mind having no email for 3 (%*%&^*$($( DAYS!!!!!!!