Twitter Launches Their Own “Tweet” Button

TweetMeme‘s ubiquitous “retweet” button is being replaced by an official “Tweet” button hosted by Twitter. The button looks good and is very customizable, while providing a more cohesive Twitter experience.

In case you were wondering what TweetMeme thinks of this, it seems that Twitter cut a deal with them. TweetMeme now has a recommendation up on their button page, suggesting that button-seekers use the Twitter one instead.

You may have seen similar buttons on blogs, news sites and other places that let you share content on Twitter. These have been created by third parties. Most notably, a company called TweetMeme created a popular “retweet button” for publishers. They’ve already made it easier to share links on Twitter and have helped a tremendous number of publishers get their content into Twitter. We’re pleased to be working closely with the good folks at TweetMeme and, from here on out, they will be pointing to the Twitter Tweet Button. Check out TweetMeme’s blog to learn more about what they’re up to next.

You can find the button setup page here.