Blogging Tip: Keep a File of Post Ideas

What am I going to write today?

I have asked myself that question countless times. You too have probably spent hours trying to think up a concept for a post on your blog. Inspiration comes and goes. It’s the curse of the writer.

Even worse: you think of a great idea while you’re raking leaves or waiting in line somewhere, only to forget it by the time you are able to sit down in front of a computer.

I have a solution for both problems, and it’s incredibly simple. Keep a file of post ideas. It could be one of those nifty Moleskine notebooks, a text file on your desktop, a shoebox full of scrap paper you scribbled notes on or—my personal favorite—the wonderful cross-platform Evernote software.

Whenever you have an idea, make a note of it. When you need an idea, withdraw one from your stash.

Easy, right? As I said before, I like Evernote. I have a notebook for post ideas on each of my blogs. If I find a web page worth writing about, I can clip it into Evernote using the “Site Memory” bookmarklet. If I think of something interesting while I’m away from a computer, I can punch it into the iPhone app. I can even take photos and save them into the notebook.