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Dayta: The One Week App

Developer Sahil Lavingia built a high-quality iPhone app in only one week, and blogged about it on the One Week App blog. The resulting application is called Dayta.

Dayta is designed to help you log any sort of data set that you wish to track over time. How many miles do you drive between refilling your gas tank? How much money did you spend on iPhone apps last month? Is your World of WarCraft guild improving its raid success ratio? You can create a Dayta log for anything.

You can recall data points by date, or view them on a graph. The charts Dayta generates are simple, and much like Google Analytics in style.

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Google hreview Rich Snippets in WordPress

Have you ever noticed that some product review results in Google display a little 5-star rating under the title? What you’re seeing is something that Google calls a “Rich Snippet” — some metadata pulled from a microformat embedded on the page the result links…

BlogBuzz March 6, 2010

MacHeist nanoBundle 2 is Here

Mac users: do you want to get over $260 worth of software for less than twenty dollars? The second Macheist nanoBundle is here, and it’s worth a close look, at least. The applications included aren’t necessarily as impressive as those from previous bundles, but… Increases RAM and CPU Allocations, the web host that I have been with since September, is celebrating their first birthday by increasing the RAM and CPU allocation for every node, for existing and new customers. Over the past few months we’ve been preparing for this celebration by sliding…

Did Facebook Just Patent Twitter?

Facebook was just granted a patent for something that should prove to be controversial. Patent #7,669,123, which was filed for in 2006, is for “A method for displaying a news feed in a social network environment…” The abstract reads: A method for displaying a…

Get a Larger Version of a Mac Application’s Icon

Have you ever wanted a large version of an icon, maybe for a software review on your blog? (Or maybe you just want a closer look at the details of the image…) In Mac OS X Leopard or greater, it’s actually fairly easy to…

BlogBuzz February 27, 2010

The GPL Doesn’t Apply to Premium Themes or Plugins

Mike Wasylik of Perpetual Beta has an interesting argument in the legendary GPL debate surrounding premium WordPress themes and plugins. He thinks that themes and plugins shouldn’t be required to be licensed under the GPL for the simple reason that they’re not derivative. U.S.…

Why Do Some PHP Variables Have an Ampersand Before Them?

If you’ve worked with PHP a bit, you may have seen someone put an ampersand (“&”) in front of a variable, like this: In this example, we’re using a WordPress hook, and passing an array with a class and method combination, instead of just…