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What are Some Good Places to Find Linux Server Tutorials?

Are you planning on moving from shared hosting to a more robust hosting platform, such as a VPS? It’s easy enough to find a provider, such as, Linode or Slicehost. But that’s just the beginning. You have to learn how to set up and maintain your new server.

Here are a few resources to help you figure things out:

  • HowtoForge — All sorts of Linux tutorials. They have guides to setting up server configurations on the various Linux flavors, as well as basic  introductions to Linux.
  • Slicehost Article Repository — Even if you aren’t a Slicehost customer, you will find some invaluable guides and tutorials here.
  • Linode Library — Much like Slicehost, Linode maintains a collection of useful tutorials.
  • Official Ubuntu Documentation — Select your version of Ubuntu and look for the “Server Guide” link.
  • Google! — Search engines are your friend. If you don’t know what something means or you want to learn how to do something, search for a tutorial. The chances are good that someone else has already written something on the subject.

If you really get stuck, try leaving your question on your host’s forum or on Server Fault.

BuySellAds Coming to OS X Applications

This has been in the works for awhile, but Mac AppStorm is reporting that BuySellAds is finally putting ads in OS X applications. If you have a Cocoa application, you can use an API to inject ad zones into your application. The ad zones…

Readability: Remove Web Annoyances

Despite the efforts of web designers everywhere, the internet is still full of badly-designed websites that frustrate readers. Over-crowded content areas filled with widgets, overloaded moving banner ads and the dreaded 5-page article that could easily fit on one; you probably run into at…

BlogBuzz September 25, 2010

JSONView: View JSON Data in Firefox

JSON is a popular way to format AJAX responses, as it’s more compact than XML and essentially a JavaScript object, but it can be a real pain to work with due to uncooperative browsers. It’s easy enough to view XML in a web browser,…

Are iPhone Apps Part of the Web?

It’s pretty obvious that I have a significant interest in iPhone apps and their development. I like to cover the subject here, despite the fact that the site is called “Webmaster-Source” and not “iPhone-Source.” Why is that? I think mobile applications are as much…

Blog Tip: Solve a Common Problem

Here’s an easy way to write a blog post that will rank well in search engines and net you some quality traffic: solve a common problem. Find the answer to an issue that plagues many people interested in your niche. Supply a solution in…

BlogBuzz September 18, 2010

An Explosion of Instant Search Sites

Since Google rolled out Google Instant, there has been an explosion of search mashups created by enterprising developers. First there was YouTube Instant, for which the creator was offered a job at Google. Next came iTunes Instant, which lets you quickly search the iTunes…

WordPress Trademark Donated to the WordPress Foundation

Automattic, the company behind the service and much of the development of the WordPress software, has donated the “WordPress” trademark to the WordPress foundation. The foundation was launched by Matt Mullenweg, who of course is the founder of Automattic and the WordPress project.…