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Twitter Starting In-Stream Targeted Advertisements

Twitter is beginning their foray into in-stream advertising, adding targeted sponsored tweets that are targeted based off brands you follow. For example, if you follow Starbucks (I have no idea why you would, but hey…) you might see the occasional paid ad promoting some sort of Starbucks deal.

TechCrunch has a short but informative post on the matter.

Twitter says that these tweets will still be based on targeting. What they mean is that you should only see them if you follow people or products on Twitter that are related to the Tweet ad they have to show you.

Again, for now, these Tweet ads will only appear to users who are using HootSuite, a client which about a million of Twitter’s 175 million users use. But if this is a success, you can expect this to roll out to other clients shortly. And yes, these ads could appear on one day as well.

It’s interesting that they will be limiting their rollout to HootSuite users for the time being, but I suppose they want to gauge users’ reactions before rolling it out to everyone.

WooThemes Launches Tumbleblog Plugin and iPhone App

WooThemes has launched an iPhone app, called Express, for their tumbleblog themes. It makes it easy to post Tumblr-style to your WordPress blog. If you’re not using one of the supported tumbleblog themes, they have also built a WordPress plugin that will add the…

Blogging Tip: Keep a File of Post Ideas

What am I going to write today? I have asked myself that question countless times. You too have probably spent hours trying to think up a concept for a post on your blog. Inspiration comes and goes. It’s the curse of the writer. Even…

BlogBuzz October 30, 2010

A Few Resources to Get Started With iPhone App Development

Want to write an iPhone app? Assuming you have a couple of necessary prerequisites, namely a Mac and an iPhone or iPod Touch, it’s not too hard to get started. It is best if you have some programming experience, as even I had a…

Scrivener for Mac and Windows: Special NaNoWriMo Deal

BuySellAds Now Offering iOS Ad Framework

BuySellAds, the ad marketplace popular among internet and computer blogs, recently released a Cocoa framework for displaying ad zones in OS X applications. In a not unexpected, but certainly intriguing, turn of events, they have now released a version of the framework for iOS.…

BlogBuzz October 23, 2010

Apple “Back to the Mac” Keynote Recap

Apple held their “Back to the Mac” keynote yesterday. Despite the online media saturation of all things Apple, some of you were probably unable to sit down and watch the live stream of the event. (You can watch a video of the keynote if…

NaNoWriMo 2010 is Almost Here

It’s almost November, which means this year’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is almost upon us. Participants have 30 days to write 50,000 words. Sound like fun? Seeing as many of you are bloggers, it’s not too great a leap to assume that some…