CodeIgniter 2.0 Released: No More PHP4 Support!

EllisLab just released version 2.0.0 of the CodeIgniter PHP framework. There are a few interesting new additions, such as a cache driver with APC and memcache support, the option to let controller handle 404 errors, and the deprecation and removal of Scaffolding.

Perhaps the best news is that PHP4 support is being dropped in favor of a minimum version of PHP 5.1. Hopefully this means we will see CodeIgniter move towards a more object-oriented approach, like its spinoff/fork Kohana.

Also, CodeIgniter is being split into two branches: Core and Reactor. Core will be a slowly-updated branch that EllisLab will use for their products (e.g. ExpressionEngine), freeing up the primary community-driven Reactor branch to be more quickly developed.

CodeIgniter 2.0.0 Released [CodeIgniter]