Design Spotlight: Pro Blog Design 2011

The industrious Michael Martin has once again redesigned Pro Blog Design, this time going for a more open (and less blue) look. The new design better incorporates promotion for Pliable Press and his custom design services, while still leaving room for third-party advertisers on blog posts.

I really like the texturing and color palette. They’re subtle, but still eye-catching. Legibility has been improved as well, thanks to Michael’s efforts to improve the typography. The new title font is much easier on the eyes than the blocky one from the previous theme, and he seems to be using TypeKit now, which doesn’t have the side effect of making the text difficult to select. (That was a problem with the previous theme, though I think it may have been fixed later on.)

Anyway, go check it out for yourself.

  • Michael Martin

    Thank you for the review Matt, that was really nice of you! :D

    Awesome to hear good feedback on the design! I think you’ve nailed the 2 things that were annoying me most about the old site. It really was just too “blue” and the headline font was awful, not sure what I was thinking there originally :(

    • Matt

      That’s just how it works, I guess. Coding is the same. I can open up a PHP script from a year prior and go “WTF was I thinking?”