Easily Embed Whole Tweets in Your Blog Posts With Tweetable 1.2.4

Have you ever wanted to embed an entire tweet into a WordPress post for some reason? Maybe you were doing a short write-up about a recent news story, and wanted to quote someone’s amusing tweet on the matter. You could just use a simple blockquote, and link to the tweet, but wouldn’t you rather embed the whole thing, complete with information about the user and interactive buttons?

The latest version of my Tweetable plugin, version 1.2.4, includes support for Twitter’s new embedding API, which enables you to do that with minimal effort. If you have the plugin installed (and “Auto-embeds” is turned on in the Media page of your Settings), you can just paste a properly-formatted URL from Twitter onto a new line in your post. After you hit Publish, it will appear in your post, thanks to the magic of oEmbed.

The best part? This is going to be built-in to WordPress 3.4, so you have ensured forward-compatibility. Otto, one of the major contributors to the WordPress core, has already worked up a patch and it is currently slated to be included in version 3.4. Beat me to it. :P