Full Circle: The Return of Static Blog Generators

WordPress is the most popular blogging software today, powering a majority of the top one hundred blogs. Like many of the systems that are popular nowadays, it’s dynamic. The server pieces together pages on the fly when they are requested, pulling content from the database, processing it, and wrapping a template around it before sending to the user’s browser.

Back in the earlier days of blogging, things were different. Most of the popular content management systems that blogs ran on were static page generators, like Movable Type, the package that previously held WordPress’s throne, before a price increase caused a mass exodus in 2004. Movable Type stores your content in a database, like WordPress, and it has an administration panel where you manage your content and adjust settings. But that’s where the similarities end. Instead of assembling pages dynamically, the blog engine compiles them into static HTML pages ahead of time, so the web server can just throw them back to users instantly. It’s a lot easier on the server that way, which can result in a snappier web site and less chance of your site going down from a social media bump.

This is, of course, something of a simplification. Many WordPress users, especially those with larger sites, use caching plugins like W3 Total Cache to have the best of both. The dynamic model is used, but frequently-accessed pages are statically cached for performance.

Something I’ve noticed recently is that some bloggers are making a return to the old days, using modern static page systems that are even simpler. Jekyll, Hyde, Pelican and Toto are lightweight blogging applications written in Ruby and Python. They don’t use databases at all, instead preferring flat files checked in to a Git repository. You write your posts in your preferred plain-text editor, name the file appropriately and check it in to the repository, then run the script from the command line. It iterates through the files, merging them with your theme, and outputs static HTML files.

It’s not terribly accessible to people who don’t know their way around a command line interface—and version control software, for that matter—but it certainly reduces the hardware required to serve the site up. You don’t need a database daemon running, you don’t need PHP. Just your HTTP server, whether you prefer NGINX or Apache, sending static files along when somebody asks for them. You can even run the script on your local computer, and push the compiled pages to any web server.

Another issue is that these new lightweight blog engines don’t have commenting built in. You will have to use something like Disqus or IntenseDebate, unless you build your own alternative that can be included with JavaScript.

All in all, I find the idea very intriguing. I don’t think I want to give up the ease of use (or plugin support) that WordPress offers for this blog, though. I did consider switching to Jekyll or Hyde when I revamped my personal blog recently, but didn’t commit to it.

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  • http://wyblog.us/blog Chris Wysocki

    I made the switch to a static blog delivery system about a year ago. Google was penalizing me for slow load times; Bloxsom.pl on a Vax isn’t exactly a speed demon. With static HTML my site loads like lightning now.

    The downside is that when I need to change the page layout I have to regenerate all the old blog entries which takes *days* to run. There’s no free lunch.

    • http://www.webmaster-source.com Matt

      I suppose not. I’m starting to warm up to the idea, though. You do have to make some trade-offs, the inability to have anything dynamic in the page template is a little limiting for some things, but it seems to be working out very well for Usability Post.

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