Custom JavaScript Twitter Widgets in an API 1.1 World

My Twitter WidgetContinuing their gradual shutdown of old APIs (following the launch of version 1.1 of their API), Twitter recently pulled the plug on their old-style widgets and the unauthenticated search API. This means if you had a fancy custom-designed JavaScript widget to show off your latest tweets, it’s not going to work anymore. The only officially supported options are the new widgets or a server-side solution with OAuth authentication.

What can you do if you don’t like either option?

Jason Mayes hacked together a clever bit of JavaScript that loads up one of the new Twitter widgets, scrapes the content out, and reformats it into nicer unstyled HTML. Then you can style it however you want in your stylesheet.

I’m using this right now on my personal blog, since Twitter’s new widgets don’t look very good when they’re crammed into a narrow sidebar.