Monthly Archives: August 2013

Setting Up a LESS Workflow in Sublime Text

LESS has been a popular way to streamline your CSS-writing for a while now, but fitting it into your workflow isn’t always easy. Some designers use standalone applications like CodeKit or SimpLESS to compile their LESS files into browser-ready CSS, but I prefer a more integrated approach. Fortunately, Sublime Text—my personal favorite text editor has several available extensions to build LESS support in.

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Random User Generator

RandomUser is a new API that returns a JSON object with a randomly generated persona—complete with name, avatar and email address—for your testing purposes. The site suggests using it for design mockups, but the fact that it’s an API opens up plenty of possibilities…

BlogBuzz August 17, 2013

JavaScript is the Most Popular Language on GitHub, with Ruby Coming in Second

On a whim, I decided to browse through GitHub’s Explore section recently. I don’t know whether users go there often or not (I certainly don’t), but there are some intriguing statistics there that tell a thing or two about what’s popular and who’s using…

Jekyll Themes

I’ve recently started using Jekyll for one of my blogs recently, and while it’s a solid blog engine, there’s one thing its small community lacks. Themes. While I like to roll my own themes, some people want a drop-in option so they can start…