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HTML Text Over an Image

Have you ever seen a site where HTML text is rendered over an image? One example of this is Pro Blog Design‘s article headings.

HTML Text Over an Image on Pro Blog Design

The effect looks good, and it’s search engine-friendly. CSS-Tricks has a tutorial on how to create a similar implementation with CSS absolute positioning.

Basically you create a relatively-positioned DIV and put the image and H2 elements inside. Then you absolutely position the two elements, and add a solid or semi-transparent background behind the heading text.

Text Blocks Over Image [CSS-Tricks]

Add a Mobile Stylesheet to Your Site

Don’t want to go all-out with a separate mobile mini-site, but you still want your site to be accessible on phones and PDAs? You can just add a new stylesheet intended only for mobile browsers, in which you can reformat the page to render…

Design Spotlight: Pro Blog Design (Again)

I’ve reviewed Pro Blog Design‘s theme at least once before, probably twice. Now that Michael Martin’s design blog is entering its third year, it has received yet another redesign.

Design Spotlight: The New Twitter Homepage

Last Tuesday Twitter unveiled their redesign of their homepage. The change is intended to help remedy peoples’ inability to grasp the concept of Twitter, putting trending topics and a search field front-and-center. Instead of promoting to new users the ability to say what they’re…

Combining RSS and Twitter Subscriber Counts

If you’ve been to Mac AppStorm recently, you may have noticed that their new subscriber count box doesn’t just list the FeedBurner circulation. It seems to be a sum of the FeedBurner subscribers and the AppStorm Twitter account’s followers. An interesting idea, isn’t it?…

Design Spotlight: Tumblr

Tumblr redesigned their website sometime in the last few months or so. The new design is very simple, with a few nice touches.

Nielsen Wants Your Passwords to Be Visible to the World

Usability authority Jakob Nielsen recently published a new article suggesting that developers “abandon legacy design” and stop masking password fields with bullets or asterisks, because of “reduced usability to protect against a non-issue.” Most websites (and many other applications) mask passwords as users type…

Chris Coyier on Pricing Tables

Chris Coyier has an interesting article on CSS Tricks, in which he talks a bit about pricing tables, and whether they are best put cheapest to most expensive, or vice versa. We were recently re-doing the signup page for Are My Sites Up, and…

The 1Kb CSS Grid

Grid Design is something that’s being talked about a bit lately, and many people are using frameworks like 960gs to help them do it. A recent guest post over at Usability Post (by Tyler Tate) shows how to create a grid with your own…

Flavour Extended Icon Set

Smashing Magazine has released a new icon set designed by Oliver Twardowski: Flavour Extended. The set includes 452 transparent PNG icons, along with their respective PSD source files. The icons are 48×48 pixels in size, and easily shrinkable if you require a smaller size.…