Checking the Status of a Minecraft Server with PHP

Have you ever needed to have a script check whether a Minecraft server was online, or retrieve its listing information, like the “Message of the Day” (server description) or the number of active players? Maybe you run your own server, and want to display the status on a community website. Or perhaps you have something more ambitious in mind.

After reading up on the protocol Minecraft uses for the in-game listing of your favorite servers, I put together a simple PHP class that makes it easy. Here’s a fancy demo that makes use of it.

The library, which you can download on GitHub, along with the aforementioned demo page, looks like this:

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BlogBuzz June 30, 2012


Accepting Credit Cards Online With Stripe

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An Apple

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Proxying Web APIs with NGINX

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BlogBuzz June 16, 2012

WordPress Post Thumbnails: Migrating from Custom Fields to the Featured Image API

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10 Web Apps for Web Design

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BlogBuzz May 26, 2012