I like Awardspace. They’re a great free host, which hosted The Site of Requirement for about a year (currently it resides on a paid host). There are some small annoyances, but you can’t beat the price! As with a lot of free hosts, their service can be a little…spotty at times, but Awardspace is one of the best.


  • 200MB storage
  • 5GB
  • 2 domains
  • 5 subdomains
  • 5 email accounts
  • FTP and online filemanager
  • CGI
  • PHP and SSI
  • 1 MySQL


3000MB has a nice free hosting package put together: 3GB storage — that’s gigabytes, not a typo! 3GB bandwidth — could be a little bit more, I suppose, but it’s still good. PHP 1 MySQL database Subdomain ( Site statistics ( 1-click forum install…


Zeroweb is a great site with a lot of layouts, some of which require a link back to their creator’s sites. Also included in their databases are clipart and background images. I like the layouts by NodeThirtyThree, which look great (and are CSS-based). You…

Templates Box

Need professional-looking templates? Don’t mind them being a little graphic heavy? Try Templates Box. Their layouts look pretty good and aren’t too much work to set up. One of my favorite layout sites. They give you HTML, PSDs, JPEGS, and even the fonts they…


Bravenet has quite a few good templates. My favorites are the basic ones with the solid colored sidebar. They are really easy to modify, and you’ll have a working site in minutes. They have WAY more than just templates, though. In addition to layouts…

10 Ways to Annoy the Heck out of Your Visitors

If you’re a webmaster designing a website, there are 10 things you should NOT do unless seriously annoy you’re users. These things include (in no particular order): Pop-up ads. Don’t even think about it! They may pay well, but most people totally hate having…

Login Convergence

There are forums, blogs, webmail scripts, an more. What’s wrong with that? They ALL use their own database table to store login information. So if a webmaster runs a website that has a forum and other 3rd party scripts that require users to login,…

Is OpenID The Way To Go?

Is OpenID The Way To Go? It’s an interesting concept, but with recent developments, it may not be the way to go. In case you didn’t already know, OpenID is a decentralized identity service. Basically it lets you login to any OpenID-capable site with…