WordPress Theme of the Month: Aspire

This month’s WordPress theme is Aspire.

Aspire is a great theme for a site about books, writing, or a fantasy computer game. I’m a big fan of parchmentesque designs, so this one really stood out when I was looking for a theme for this month.

The designed is fixed, and is designed for 1024×768 resolution, though it’s usable at 800×600 without sideways scrolling. There is slightly more than 600 pixels of horizontal space in the content column, and there is plenty of room for creativity in the two other columns.

The template has most of the important template tags included (categories, tag cloud, Blogroll, etc) though there some of them are redundant. You’ll probably want to take-out either the monthly archives box or the calendar (or both, as I would do). There’s plenty of room for you to go crazy and customize things. Personally, I’d start by adding a logo and changing the sidebar a bit.

You can find a download link at the Aspire Theme page, and a live preview here.

  • Eric

    This website (infocreek.com) seems to have gone down, permanently…do you possibly still have this theme? I absolutely LOVE IT, and I am making a website for my grandfather to sell his old and rare books. I would appreciate it so so so much if you still have this on your computer.

    THANK YOU!!!

    • http://www.webmaster-source.com Matt

      Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t. I looked in my usual theme download folders, but Aspire isn’t in there. I also checked the WordPress.org theme directory to see if they had it, but no dice. :(