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When Not to Call Yourself a Blogger

Have you ever told someone you’re a blogger? Have you told them that you make some money, however much it may be, blogging, only to have them look at you funny.

Plenty of people have stories about peoples’ ignorance of what blogging is. People still seem to think of them as online journals, and everything but the virtual equivalent to newspapers and magazines. If I tell someone I’m a blogger, or that I run a blog, people don’t seem to get it (they don’t seem to get why I would like dealing with HTML or PHP either…). They don’t seem get that you can actually make any money at all blogging. I jokingly say that I make $5 a month, and they think that’s great.

The solution? There are two things you can do.

  1. Combat blog-ignorance. Try to explain what a blog really is. Maybe you should carry some TopicCards with you?
  2. If you don’t feel like explaining, tell them you’re a “Web Publisher” or something of the sort. Make-up an impressive-sounding title that’s vague enough it won’t confuse people.

2008 Webware 100 Voting

Voting has opened for the 2008 Webware 100 awards. Be sure to vote for WordPress in the Publishing and Photography category!

National Geographic Magazine Reminds Me of a Blog

National Geographic is one of the best-adapted magazines (to the blogosphere). They have plenty of web content to supplement what they put in their magazine, and the print magazine itself reminds me of a blog. Their articles are very blog-like, in writing style, and…

One Ad Slot Left For Now!

Of the 125×125 ad slots, there is currently one left, for the time being. The bottom slot is the one, at $15/month.

Cool Digg Button

Ars Technica has a really cool variation of the DiggThis widget on their post pages. It looks like they took the low-profile one that Digg offers, and used some CSS trickery on it. It looks pretty good.

Design Spotlight: Adii

Adii, the self proclaimed “WordPress Rockstar,” has redesigned his blog.

Is IE5 Dead?

Internet Explorer version 5 was released on March 18, 1999. It has almost been nine years since its initial release, and two more versions have followed. We all know that IE5 is a buggy piece of software with fairly awful standards support, though it…

Some Uses For URL Shorteners

My GoCodes Redirection Plugin has been added to the directory at, and I’ve been shamelessly promoting it wherever I can. But what can the plugin be used for? Why would you want to to use a URL shortener? Here are some examples:

Homepage Excerpts Plugin

Homepage Excerpts is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add some extra flexibility to the display of posts on your main page. Usually you would have to have all posts displayed in their entirety, have all posts truncated, or Use the Optional Excerpt…

125×125 Ads

125×125 ad slots are now up for sale on Webmaster-Source. They are priced from $15-$35 per month, depending on the position in the column. The topmost slot costs $35, the next two $25, and the final two $15.