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WEB 2.0 Design Quiz

Do you know Web 2.0 design? Take the new Web 2.0 Design Quiz. My score was “Web 2.0 Master’s Degree,” and I only missed one question. I’m betting Michael from Pro Blog Design would miss the same question (hint, hint, Michael). What’s your score? Take the test and let me know!

Blog Backup Strategy

When was the last time you backed your blog up? If you couldn’t say “less than a week ago” in response, then you need to rethink your backup strategy. How much time have you spent writing posts, and tweaking your template, over your blog’s…

GoCodes Redirection Plugin 1.0

Introducing my latest WordPress plugin: GoCodes, the redirection plugin for WordPress. Have you ever had to give someone a shortened version of a URL? Maybe you’re a podcaster, and you need to say “visit for more info.” Wouldn’t it be useful if you…

Pro Blog Design – Before and After

Michael of Pro Blog Design launched a new iteration of his blog’s sidebar on Friday. Since I knew about the planned update a couple days in advance, I snagged a screenshot of the old one before it was replaced. Stop looking at me like…

Right vs. Left Sidebar

In a two-column layout, where should the sidebar go? Should it be to the left of the content, or to the right? This is an important question to consider. First of all, what are you going to put in the sidebar? Is it going…

WordPress Theme of the Month: Illacrimo

It’s February 2008, and this month’s featured WordPress theme is Illacrimo.

BlogBuzz February 2, 2007

Jan. 2007 Stats

AdSense: $8.53, PageViews: 10,049, Uniques: 6301, PR: up to 4.

What is Web 2.0 Design?

“Web 2.0″ is kind of a ridiculous term. It’s array of meanings is so broad that it has virtually no meaning at all. Take a look at the Wikipedia page if you want to see some attempts at defining it. The term “Web 2.0…