Design Spotlight: StylizedWeb

Today’s featured design is that of

StylizedWeb has, apparently, had a redesign over the past week. Seeing as I hadn’t been a subscriber until recently, I’m unaware of what the previous design was like. Anyway, when I came across their Useful WordPress Tricks post, the design stood out.

The header, containing the logo and navigation, is simple and thin, taking up little space, but providing the required functions. It reminds me a little of the Mozilla Firefox site’s header.

The main content is split into two sections. The light blue area contains the first post on the main page, or on permalink pages the entire content. The red part shows comments and recent forum discussions on permalink pages, or a few post excerpts on the main page.

StylizedWeb - Red Section

Overall, it’s an interesting design, and worth a look. My only major complaint is there isn’t enough contrast between the background and headlines for the posts in the red section on the home page.

  • Dejan Cancarevic

    hey buddy,thanks for the review and the good words, i appriciate it!